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Envelope and invitation size guide

September 13, 2014

Invitation Shape

When making making your own invitations - its best to first to determine what shape your invite will be. This can be achieved by matching your desired invite size with an appropriate envelope. By doing this you eliminate the problem of finding an envelope to fit into your desired invite shape.

Below is a short snapshot of some standard and non standard invite and envelope sizes commonly used today. It is a useful guide to determine how much A4 card and paper is needed for different invitation sizes. It also illustrates unused card and paper which may be converted into other forms of information such as; RSVP's, wishing wells, maps and accommodation information.

DL Envelope (110 x 220mm)

This standard envelope has been designed to house A4 paper and card-stock either by folding or cutting into thirds.

For returning information like RSVP's choose 11B envelopes. These envelopes are designed to fit comfortably into the DL envelope.


 C6 Envelope (115 x 162mm)

Another standard envelope that delivers four invites per A4 sheet. Like the DL envelope – the size is large enough to house return information in 11B envelopes or in a postcard format.


160 x 160mm Envelope

160mm square invite are designed to suit square invitations up to 155mm square. This means only one invite is possible using A4 sheeting. They work well together with 130mm square envelopes for returning information.
The remainder of card or paper-stock can be efficiently converted into square RSVP's, wishing wells, place cards, accommodation details and directions and more...